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Dreieich, den 10.03.2003

Through the whole muddy spring, all the whole baseball season.
The tough coach drilled the team, as it seemed, without reason.
They would throw, they would catch, they would slide, they would run.
It was mighty hard work, and it wasn´t much fun.
They would practice a play till their muscles were sore.
And the coach would just say, "Let us do it some more".
They all thought it was foolish to practice so much.
On a play that would only be used in a clutch.
And why in the name of the hottest of places.
Were they drilled day by day in just running the bases?
They would grumble and say, "Let us play a real game.
And we surely will use all those plays just the same".
But the coach kept on drilling each intricate play.
For long hour after hour and for day after day.
Then at last the awaited and longed for hour came.
When they took to the field for the championship game.
Then the shortstop soon started a quick double play.
Just the way they had practiced it day after day.
And a runner at first dared a little too much.
And he found in surprise he had gotten in Dutch.
Then a hit was lashed out into left center field.
Which the runner decided two bases would yield.
But the ball was there first in the baseman´s left mitt.
Just exactly the way they had long practiced it.
When at bat they pulled off a quick cute double steal.
And, oh boy, how it made the whole cheering team feel!
In the ninth with the score tied up tied, one to one.
Then they bunted and squeezed home the game´s winning run.
Then the team stormed the coach with a yell and a roar.
"Let us go out tomorrow and drill a lot more".

Raymond F. Bettamy
Professor Emeritus
Florida State University

Schüler - MAI (1:16)
HOM - Schüler (9:8)
GIE/FRI - Jugend (11:19)
HUN2 - Herren (7:20)
HUN2 - Herren (22:1)
Damen - COR/KRZ (19:4)
Damen - COR/KRZ (13:2)
KRI - Juniorinnen (7:14)
KRI - Juniorinnen (2:14)
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